My last bit of freedom from motherhood happened over the weekend. My in-laws came to town to help move Timbo and the kiddos into our new home. As a last hoorah, they watched the kids while my husband and I hit Downtown Boise for dinner and drinks with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Not only was it their first time in Boise, but it was my first time experiencing nightlife here.

First we went to my favorite restaurant, Mai Thai. Though the service was slower than usual, the food was phenomenal. I went with a sushi roll, fried veggie rolls, and garlic noodles all from the vegan menu. But my non-vegan crew sure enjoyed eating off my plates. The cocktails were on point. I had a Mary Ann, a huckleberry vodka drink that went down so smoothly, I was quite tipsy before I could realize it. By the end of the meal we were full, happy, and ready for a nightcap.

We walked around taking in the night air and pointing at buildings and bars, making comparisons to other downtown areas from cities we've lived in and visited. Took a stroll down Freak Alley and got lots of cool pictures with the artwork. But when it came time to continue the drinking, we headed to Karma.

Not sure if it was Covid restrictions or clubs and lounges are different in Boise, but it wasn't packed at all, which I preferred. The Vegas club scene is a nightmare, in my eyes. Even the more low key places are still too busy for my taste. The drinks were so reasonably priced, I was almost certain they didn't charge me the proper amount. The vibe was chill but fun, and we were happy to settle in and finish our night there.

Before we headed home for the night I stopped into the bathroom so I wouldn't have to pee during the Uber ride home. I walked in to a girl telling her friend about a run in she had with some girl she didn't like and expressing she thinks maybe she should go do something about her. Since I'm a hype queen and was also drunk, I told her to do it, not thinking twice about it. She gave me a strange look and I explained I just like being supportive.

I get into my stall maybe 5 seconds later and as I was peeing I hear a huge fight break out! There's screaming, curse words, thuds, security is breaking it up. I was shook! Naturally I stayed in the stall until it all subsided. When I came out I saw a bench was overturned and there was a huge clump of hair on the floor!. I can't help but think I egged on that altercation when I was just trying to be a hype queen to a stranger. All that to say, I think I earned myself some bad karma at Karma.


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