When you think of "Lunchables" you may start to feel all the nostalgia. As a kid being able to piece together your crackers, meat and cheese for a snack or lunch. Well, now they are making "Brunchables".

My personal favorite "Lunchable" that I shamelessly still eat to this day are the pepperoni pizza ones. There is something about the processed crust, cheese and pepperoni that is just delicious.

Now, to the good stuff. They are making three different types of "Brunchables". One will be bacon and cheese, one is breakfast ham and cheese and the third breakfast sausage and cheese.

Instead of crackers they are going to have flat breads, and instead of a mini candy bar or cookies, they are going to add muffins!

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! I am sure the overly processed meat isn't going to be nearly as delicious as fresh cooked bacon and sausage, but come on! For a couple bucks I will gladly enjoy some "Brunchables".


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