Sounds about right for September 2020, right? The sun seemed to be a little late to rise this morning and at first I thought it forgot, and then I realized it was just an intense amount of smoke.

The sky over the Treasure Valley was like a charcoal color at 7:50 this morning, 21 minutes after the expected 7:29 sunrise which to which I thought, if the sun doesn't rise today, it wouldn't be the most surprising plot twist of 2020. 

I guess it's the one thing we can all agree on: 2020 is bogus. It flat out sucks for a lot of people. I tend to look around and be grateful for the things I do have but man, it's impressive how tragic this year has been so far. Between a pandemic, civil unrest and all the other craziness we've experienced, now we have wildfires destroying the West Coast and smoke filling the Idaho skies.

I walked out of the office and I thought I felt something on my face and as I approached my (black) truck, it looked like snow was falling, albeit way to warm to be snowing. I realized they were little ash flakes falling right out of the sky and suddenly, I was grateful for the mask on my face. I know it's likely that the unhealthy air quality in the Treasure Valley may stick around for a while because of the fires, but man do I have really high expectations for 2021.

Anyway, for the remaining months, stay safe. And breathe well!

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