Calling all local artists! The Eagle Arts Commission is on the search for two teams of artists to transform a couple of trail underpasses into some lively wall murals and wants to encourage a quality artistic collaborative effort. Personally, I love the public artwork here in Boise. It's a reflection of the talent and personality within our city so I'm always excited to learn when more is popping up.

Once selected, teams will get to decide how and what they want to paint under a 7 day deadline. Guidelines set in place by the Eagle Arts Commission say that the mural "should complement the unique spaces and consider that they are gateways and/or transitional areas."

The murals will be visible on the entrance walls of the Mace Trail underpass off Eagle Road. Each team will be assigned a wall. One team will focus on the north and south walls of the East Entrance and the other team will work on the north and south walls of the West Entrance.

So start rounding up your local artistic friends. According to the Eagle Arts Commission, each team should include no less than two, but no more than five artists including the team leaders. Each team will be compensated $7500 for their work.

Once you have a team of artists ready to go, you can apply here! Team applications are due Friday, February 26th. For more information and if you have questions on how to apply, you can reach out to Recreation and Market/Special Events Coordinator, Paige Thomas at or by phone (208) 860-5029.

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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