Parenthood is challenging in so many ways.  Add this tricky way to cheat to the list.

Are your kids wearing a new watch that could actually be a glorified cheat sheet?  It's happening.

Teachers, I feel sorry for you having to keep track of all this stuff.

These "cheating watches" are for sale on Amazon and they cost about 60 bucks. One version has 4 GB of storage and one version as 8 GB, and both of them hold answers to tests.  When the teacher walks up, the watch can quickly shift back to a clock face.

Is this happening around the Treasure Valley, or is this other people's problems somewhere far far away?   Surely the cheaters aren't in these parts.

Just wanted to pass along the heads up in case you suddenly see a $60 charge from Amazon on your credit card, followed by some really good grades.  Oh dear.

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