Kids Have a Tricky New Way to Cheat
Parenthood is challenging in so many ways.  Add this tricky way to cheat to the list.
Are your kids wearing a new watch that could actually be a glorified cheat sheet?  It's happening.
The Truth About Urinals
This was too funny and too honest to pass on sharing.  Ladies, this is the truth about the rules in the restroom.  Guys, if you aren't up on the code, this can be your tune up.
Hi 911? Yes, We Have Drugs
Honesty is the best policy right?  Most times that would be true, but for two guys from Las Vegas who were bringing marijuana into Idaho, their honesty (and paranoia) got them busted.
Creepiest Thing Ever
Game shows have had "unique" hosts for a long time.  Truly, I've always been thought Richard Dawson kissing adult contestants on Family Feud was gross.  This beats that.
Bieber Makes It Rain @ AMA's
Did you see the finale at the American Music Awards with Justin Bieber?  A pretty amazing performance.  A little lip-syncing under the rain, but impressive none the less.
Bieber Back In Corden's Car
I love every carpool karaoke James Corden puts out, but he and Justin Bieber have that Fallon/Timberlake magic going on.  Fortunately, they've given us Round 2.
Buzzed Timberlake is Funny
Justin TImberlake has proven he can be very funny acting on SNL or coming up with a great concept for a quick viral video.  Now he proves he's funny buzzed.

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