Today the weather will be perfect and if you are going to BMF are you ready?

I always love all day events or festivals but bringing everything you may need can be tough when you are excited. Then also remembering things while you are at the event.

Here are some things to know and bring:

  • You can bring lawn chairs, but no high back lawn chairs are allowed. This is to ensure that everyone can see.
  • BMF DOES allow re-entry but only until 4:30 PM.
  • Sunscreen is a must even though it is only 77 it will still be sunny today so make sure you are protecting the skin
  • Flushable wipes, to use in the commode but also for the kids or your own face to give it a little cleanse halfway through the day.
  • No umbrellas are allowed
  • Portable battery charger is a must, everyones phone dies halfway through the day it seems.
  • Go by some merch at the Brigade Wakesurfing area and grab the BIlly and Charene MIX 106 shirt and be ready to win a little prize OR maybe a big one.
  • Last ENJOY!!!!!! Smile and have fun.


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