It's a little depressing to even write something like this but unfortunately with so many horrible school shootings it is leaving many parents asking if they should be investing more money in their kids backpack for school so it is bullet-resistant.

Our friends at KTVB did a story last week about how retailers like Office Depot & Office Max will be stocking the "Guard Dog Security" brand of backpacks at many locations around the Treasure Valley.

You can also find bullet resistant backpacks from many retails online like Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond and Kmart. These types of backpacks are seeing a huge increase in sales lately mostly due to parents wanting their kids to be safe and return home each day. Such a sad thing for parents to worry about.

There are lots of conversations online regarding these backpacks, lots of people talking about how these are bullet-resistant and not bullet proof. But to most parents it's not so much about resistant or proof they just want to have peace of mind knowing they are doing as much as they can to keep their kids safe.

So, are you planning on spending a little extra on a bullet-resistant backpack this upcoming school year?

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