Or are you waiting it out? I feel like things are pretty chaotic right now; the weird divide between the maskers and non-maskers, the many questions people have about the virus, I've decided to wait it out a bit longer.

That's not to say I don't leave the house... I go to the grocery store, the hardware store, the gas station, I get dinner to-go, even ice cream one night. I just feel like tensions are a bit high right now, particularly with the weird divide about whether or not we should be wearing masks. I recently shared a story about how I was shamed TWICE in one weekend, once for wearing a mask, once for not. 

It's really weird how people don't mind their own business. My fiance has made masks for us and I'll wear it out and people will snicker and talk under their breath. And when I don't have one on, I get messed with too.

I guess for me, I'll let another month or so of this craziness pass before I decide it's time to go sit down and eat at a restaurant, and I've gotten pretty good at cutting my own hair, but I will say, I do miss social interaction!

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