So, confused yet? My mom texted me early this morning asking me how much stimulus money will she receive.

I feel like I'm a pretty plugged in person and I struggled to answer the question knowing I'd receive more. Are we getting $600, $2000, and when can we expect it? My answer is to check your bank account right now according to

I'll try to not bore you with politics because everything surrounds that dirty side of Washington. The $600 stimulus packages have been approved but not after drama for a $2000 stimulus package. President Donald Trump wants the number to be raised to $2000 per person immediately. That would be great but that's where everything gets sticky.

The $600 stimulus check has been approved and those direct deposits could be in now. The mailed check should be on its way next week and the week after. I'll get to the $2000 payment in a few.

The number of checks is similar.

  • $600 per person and every child under the age of 17.
  • The checks will be given out to single individuals making a gross income of $75,000 and under.
  • The checks will also be given out to married couples filing joint making $150,000 or less.
  • If you make above those amounts your stimulus package will be lower (can't seem to find that exact amount.)

What about the $2,000 check. That's the big question and each answer is scripted out when asked, "who knows." This looks like a political battle and I just wouldn't get your hopes up. The problem is how significant that change is. If you're married with 2 children falling inside those package guidelines you could receive $8000 versus $2400. I just read that the average rent on an apartment is around $1200. Do the math.

Make sure to click on the app and we'll notify you if anything changes. Right now I would just look for the $600 checks and forget about the $2,000 amount. You can only spend what's in your bank right?

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