You know that feeling growing up when your teacher would walk around the room handing back tests, in no specific order, and you would just anxiously wait for yours? Soon, the test would get set down on your desk and there it was...a bright and shiny 'F'.

No? Only I got F's? Ok then.

I'm not ALONE, however, as Idaho has received an 'F' from the American Lung Association and if you ask me, that's no good. Along with that poor letter grade came some suggestions from the association:

  • Increase funding for tobacco prevention
  • Raise the legal age for the sale of tobacco products from 18 to 21
  • Pass comprehensive smoke-free air laws at local and state levels

I'm sure there are several political layers to this, such as government involvement in what we do--and so on. However on this issue I just cant see the problem with all three of those steps!  No offense, smokers--but it's a habit that is just terrible for your health.  Sure, you could make the case for other things like alcohol...but at least that's legally held off until 21-years-old?

By the way, Idaho isn't alone in the bad grade-- 43 other states also received an 'F'-- could this say something out our society? While I feel that I see cigarettes LESS than years ago, the study also shows that among youth, e-cigs are up 78%.

Not all grades for Idaho were AWFUL...we received a 'C' for both smoke-free air and access to cessation services.

Read more about this issue from The Seattle Times, HERE.

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