If you can find a plain white t-shirt that doesn't have screen printing on it, today is the day to break it out of the closet.  It's National White T-Shirt Day, and the history behind it is something very few people know.

National White T-Shirt Day actually got its start in 1937 to show support for the men and women who were part of a strike at General Motors that year.

Those auto workers helped the union (United Auto Workers or UAW) become the only bargaining agent for General Motors workers, and a white shirt became part of that movement to show support for them.  Who knew.

Idaho has many UAW workers, and they're part of a group that covers 17 states.  UAW workers in our group team up with others in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii, according to the UAW website.  And they build a lot!  They've got their hands in the Chevy Malibu, Ford F-150, Ford Escape, Tahoe, Yukon, and Escalade, and they work at Lear Corp., Lockheed, Raytheon, and Vought.

If they're able to keep that white shirt clean and spotless all day long, they are even more amazing than we thought.  Just putting on a solid white shirt will draw drops of coffee, ketchup, and red wine in a hurry, just like watermelon juice draws flies.  It happens.

Happy National White T-Shirt Day!  Wear it while it's crisp and bright white before that one wash suddenly makes it look dingy and sort of yellow.  You'll not only look clean and cool, but you'll also be supporting some hard-working Idahoans, and we're always looking for opportunities to do that.

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