On the surface, many would love to hear Amazon could be coming into the Treasure Valley.  You may recall about a year ago, Amazon was looking for a new place to establish a headquarters and cities all across the country were submitting their applications and arguments. Say what you will about Amazon: they bring jobs, excitement, and now some really good pay to any local economy.

While the Treasure Valley won't be home to a HQ for Amazon, Nampa COULD be home to a big, full-blown, fulfillment center.  It would be located NEAR Meridian on Franklin and Star roads--and Meridian (which is just a mile away) has some concerns.

A fulfillment center could create 3,000 jobs or more...which is great, right? Meridian says sure, BUT: think about the traffic. With no tax benefits of the center (being a city over) and increased traffic (including both workers and large delivery trucks), new burdens would face Meridian that would cost them...according to Mayor Tammy De Weerd.

How do you feel about the pro's and con's of this potential issue. While the facility is in Nampa, it's VERY close to Meridian. The jobs would help thousands--no matter what city an individual lives in: roads and traffic are important, too. Let us know in the comments.

See an in-depth report and interview from The Idaho Statesman, HERE.


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