I love online shopping. To me, it beats fighting traffic, wandering through the store to find what you're looking for, then waiting in line to checkout. I go to the online store (most often, Amazon.com) type in the search field what I am looking for, add it to my cart, and checkout within a matter of minutes. While some say this is lazy, I say efficient. Plus, I often find great online coupons that I wouldn't be able to use in the stores, so I end up saving money!

One of the biggest deterrents to online shopping for many people, including myself on occasion, is the hassle of returning unwanted items. Whether it wasn't what you expected or it didn't fit, it can be a pain to send it back and sometimes there are extra costs involved.

Starting next month, Amazon customers can now return things for free at participating Kohl's or Whole Foods locations. These stores will even have specially designated parking spots for Amazon returns customers. Now, that's convenient!

The stores are hoping that in return for taking this extra step, they will see more sales in the store from the customers that walk in to return their items. A survey done by UPS showed that 70% of customers returning items to stores actually make a new purchase. That's a big number and a great reason to start this new convenient opportunity.

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