We have all heard the saying, "Almost doesn't count" and I guess in my situation that is very true. Just days before we rang in the new year for 2019 I took a trip to Jackpot, Nevada for the very first time. I had heard so many great things about Cactus Pete's and I enjoy gambling and adult beverages so I had to check it out.

When you're gambling, you have to expect to lose your money. There isn't any casino that stays open by paying out money all the time. After Savannah going up and down when it comes to winning on the slot machines and I kept losing, I decided just a few sports bets and that was going to be it.

I put down a few sports bets mostly to make week 17 in the NFL more exciting, and boy was it. I had two bets that came down to the finals seconds of the Browns vs. Ravens game and if the Browns would have won I would have won a total of $4,458.95. The first best was $35 that paid out $910, the second was $20 that paid out $3,548.95.

Unfortunately the Browns came up probably one first down short of being able to pull off the last second win in the final week of the season, so now my tickets can be used for building a fire. While I never really expected to win on a 8-team parlay bet it made for a very exciting final week of the NFL season. Now comes the playoffs but I think I am done betting for this season, I can't let the casino have anymore of my money for a while.

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