This western state ranks as one of the unique progressive states in the country. The state was one of the first to legalize medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, and a certain amount of hard drugs. No, we're not profiling our state of Idaho. Now the same state, there is a movement in Oregon to legalize prostitution or sex workers.  

Some Oregonians are pushing to pass a bill called the Sex Worker Rights Act, reports KATU TV.   Proponents say that it would eliminate prosecuting adults for having consensual relations or sexual activities. Advocates for the bill believe it will help victims report rape, human trafficking, prostitution. The bill is backed by the money of a well-known philanthropist who has donated over one million dollars to the movement called initiative forty-two.  

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KATU says that the movement will need over one hundred thousand signatures to get it on the ballot. Human trafficking continues to be a challenge throughout the country and in the Northwest. The rise of illegal immigration has led to more reports throughout our area of prostitution.  

If successful, Oregon would become the second state to legalize prostitution. We do not know at this time whether brothels would become legal like they are in Nevada. Oregon's movement would continue a trend towards decriminalizing marijuana, gambling, and now prostitution. There is no word at this time on how the folks who want to leave Oregon will react to the movement to legalize sex workers.  

Critics will question whether or not Oregonians would support such a measure; however, this is the state that legalized marijuana, hard drugs, and magic mushrooms. Will prostitution be next?

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