My wife and I have 7 kids between us.  I know we are good parents, but I admit, we have lied to all of our kids their entire lives.  Most parents lie.  Click on the button bar below to see the top 19 lies parents tell their kids according to a recent article from the Huffington Post.  We want you to share lies that you've told your kids too.

Here, thanks to the Huffington Post are some lies that parent's all tell their kids:

It's time for bed."
Technically, bedtime is in an hour. But since I've had a long day, and kids  can't tell time, winken, blinken and nod are showing up early

"Your mom and I are going to bed, too."

After a certain point, I will lie and say whatever I need, to make you go to bed. So yes, of course we're all going to bed. Don't mind the sound of the TV downstairs, I'm just leaving it on for the dog.

 "We can't have a dog because you're allergic to them."
We've never had you tested, so technically this might not be a lie but at least I don't have a pet to take care of.

 "The dog ate your candy."
Dogs are a great tool for parents to shift blame. Because the truth is, I ate your candy. I'm not even sure how a box of Oreos became yours. I paid for the damn things. I should just be able to tell you I ate them because I was hungry and dammit this is my house!  But it's much easier to blame an innocent and much beloved household pet.

"Babies are made when two people really love each other."
Or when two people have too much wine.  Or mommy forgets to take her special pill. but I don't want a thousand other questions, so this lie will have to do.

"We're all out of ice cream."
Until you go up to bed. Then mommy and daddy are pigging out till we're sick.

 "Your mom and I were just... wrestling."
Mom is on top of me because she's winning.  No, you can't wrestle with's wrestling for grown ups only.

So, how about it, parents? What other lies do you tell your kids?