Can we be honest about something? When it comes to grocery shopping nobody had time for that. Like making the lists, walking around finding the stuff that you need without grabbing everything off the shelves, it can be so hard. You may have seen this hashtag out there, #adultingsucks Well ya know, sometimes it can. There is one grocery store in the Treasure Valley that not only is making it super simple to pick what you need to get to fill up your cart but can also help you make the healthy choices.

I love me some Albertsons. For the time that the family and I were away from the state of Idaho, we missed it terribly. Sounds crazy doesn't it, but it's true. Finding my spot that made me feel super comfortable walking in the doors, and knowing where everything is helped in the buying process. Albertsons has always been about customer service and giving their guests the best experience every time they arrive. Well, they have stepped it up, let me tell you with the addition an onsite dietitian grocery shopping has a new spin to it. Molly Tevis, the regional in-store dietitian has made it super simple to walk through the doors and walk out with a full cart of healthy and affordable foods. If you are needing the perfect blend of sweet and savory she can actually walk through the store with you and help pick what you need and it's worry free. Every year we plan a big 4th of July picnic and this year with Molly's help I will make sure that the flavor is top notch and the calories are still in that perfect range. Here are just a few of the types of foods we played around with on my last visit to the Eagle location of the Albertsons.


So go in there and see her, get what you need and make grocery shopping something you look forward to doing again, and not just a chore to fill up your fridge. Molly will answer your questions and send you on your way with a great attitude towards returning. Keep watching our site because we will have more amazing recipes from Summertime snacks to full fledge meals on the go.

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