If you've spent any time in the Treasure Valley over the last few years, you've probably noticed our microbrew scene continues to grow.  We're also growing in growing hops. 

In fact, Idaho is getting closer or Oregon for total hop acreage, but for this year, we're in the number three position across the country with 7169 acres.  That's up from 5648 acres in 2016 and continues the trend of significant jumps year-to-year.

The Northwest is the leading hop producing region across the country with Oregon growing 8000 acres this year, but Washington well ahead and secure as the top hop state with more than 54,000 acres.

It has been the growth of the beer market and more growers entering the marketplace, but experts say our growth wont be sustained since we're now growing more than necessary.

You can see more on our growth in Idaho from the Idaho Press.




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