Every year I text my dad to ask what he wants for Father's Day, and every year I get the same answer.  Barbecue sauce.  He's so low maintenance!  We've got some other gift ideas too, in case your pops aims a little higher.

All of the stores this time of year seem to set the screwdriver sets and desk-sized, mini pool tables out in the center aisles so we will either trip over them or buy them for our dads for Father's Day.  But do dads really want this stuff?

USA Today says these are the 5 Things Dad really wants for Father's Day:

1.  To watch the US Open in peace

2. A day off

3.  A steak and a cold beer

4.  To spend time with the kids

5.  A thank you

For dads who have shared custody after a divorce, spending time with the kids would be the highest priority I'm sure.  And if that's combined with a steak, a beer, and a thank you, that's even better.

Barbecue sauce didn't make that list, and it's not on the Huffington Post's list of the 5 tech gifts to boost dad's activities either.  Those ideas for gadgets include:

1. For Sporty Dads: A Wearable Fitness Tracker

2. For Grillmaster Dads: A Durable and Portable Speaker

3. For Home Improvement Happy Dads: A Smart Home Assistant

4. For Travel Happy Dads: A Portable Powerstation

5. For Garage Happy Dads: A Speaker To Amp Up His Workbench

All more expensive than condiments.

On Mother's Day we usually go out for lunch or brunch so Mom doesn't have to cook, but on Father's Day, I've noticed that Dad actually wants to cook and can't wait to get out there by the grill. Okay!  Father's Day is all about doing something he loves and since that's grilling, it works out well for all of us.  Dad gets to grill and we get to eat.

All of the gift ideas in the world can come our way, and ultimately it comes down to what our dads would really enjoy, and we know them best.  Whether it's some shiny new wrenches, a 6-pack, barbecue sauce, or another polo, thanks dads for being awesome. Happy Grilling Day.


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