Growing up I thought it might be fun to jump out of an airplane, but I wasn't sure if I would actually do it. It seemed like such a crazy thing to do. And you hear so many people ask the same question, why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Well, if real skydiving is anything like trying it from the indoor facilities I really want to try it.

On a recent trip to Seattle we finally stopped at iFLY indoor skydiving in Tukwila, which is actually really close to Seatac airport. Having to desire to go skydiving without all the pressure of jumping out of a plane I thought this would be a great introduction, and it was.

Our instructor was Tyler and he was very knowledgeable and skilled at skydiving, which of course just helped all of us first timers feel more at ease. We all sat through a 5 minute video on how to stay safe, then got into our flight suits and prepared to jump in the chamber.

I completed two flights in the chamber and both were so much fun. The first was spent mostly getting comfortable and making sure I was doing things correctly. The second time was amazing, it's was all about having as much fun as possible. We also paid a few extra dollars to have the instructor take us higher than the usual flight, which was well work the money. If you have a chance to try indoor skydiving I would highly recommend it. Now, who wants to go jump out of a plane?

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