It's been discussed, debated, and delayed, but yesterday the Meridian City Council approved the process, enabling Costco to build their new store at Chinden and Ten Mile. 

The new Costco Wholesale was what most local residents seemed to either be most excited to welcome or most concerned about as part of the 33-acre commercial development that's been proposed and gone through the permitting process for the intersection.

The hearing that began Tuesday night and ended around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning clears the way for the property to be zoned commercial and construction to begin on Costco and the other stores.  As part of the approval process, the council also moved a variance through that will allow cars to enter and leave the property from two different locations on Chinden.

If all goes according to plans, the new Costco would open in 2020.

There are still many residents of the surrounding neighborhoods who are not excited about the plans for this parcel of land.  The meeting was attended by more than 160 people, and opponents continued to express concerns about traffic, noise, and pollution.

Proponents note that Costco employees make a starting wage of $13 per hour, and have a chance to jump to $50,000 per year after five years.

The Idaho Statesman has more on the meeting, process, and concerns.

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