Kids can get two free games of bowling EVERY DAY this summer, and all we have to do is sign them up.  This program keeps growing, and there's more than one bowling alley in our neck of the woods that will be part of it.

With the Kids Bowl Free program, they've got select bowling centers and schools around the country signed up to offer the free games.  The bowling centers set the age limit, which could be 12 or 13, and as long as the kids are under that age limit they can get two free games each day. Some bowling centers will offer the shoe rental pass too and others will charge for that, but it will be minimal. says it's designed by bowling centers to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure, and fun way for kids to spend time this summer.  Okay!  Built-in, organized fun for parents too, because it requires very little thought and planning on our part.  It keeps them busy and active, and it seems like a slam dunk for busy parents looking for good quality time with the kids.

Parents can buy a Family Pass, which is optional and not required for the kids to bowl free.  Bowling can get expensive if you have two or three kids that want to bowl for an hour or two, and we're always looking for deals.  With the Family Pass, Mom and Dad get to bowl too, and save some money on the whole adventure since the kids play for free.

Bowling Centers that are participating:


Emerald Lanes
Westy's Garden Lanes

Big Al's
Meridian Bowling Lanes
Pinz Bowling Center

Caldwell Bowl

Clear HERE for the complete list just in case you've got relatives in other places and might be planning a road trip or an extended visit this summer.  The kids' arms will be in good shape for football and volleyball this summer with all of that swinging.

Summer isn't that far away, and we'll keep the entertainment ideas coming.  This will be fun.

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