Even after having multiple planning meetings about the 'Through Their Eyes' event with Meridian Canine Rescue I still didn't know what to expect. It was 24 hours in a dog kennel to understand what it was like for dogs staying at a shelter. After completing the experience I will admit it was like being on a  roller coaster ride.

In total it was 6 people staying in kennels with adoptable dogs raising awareness and funds. I was paired up with Jack & Violet two amazing puppies, with lots of energy. I didn't expect the choir practice before "bedtime" with all of the dogs at the shelter but it's understandable given the situation they are in. Trying to sleep was difficult as you can imagine as we used the same things the dogs used, dog beds.

It was around 11 p.m. when the dog in the kennel next to me "Gus" who was recently neutered was as loud as ever and the Executive Director for Meridian Canine Rescue grabbed a dog bed and joined us putting 7 people in kennels. The entire staff of employees and volunteers at MCR could never get enough kudos for the work that they do.

We had many potty unscheduled potty breaks within the 24 hour period, but that is just part of the deal with dogs (especially puppies) being in those kennels. When the doors to the rescue opened for family to come adopt or drop of donations it put the roller coaster of emotions in over-drive. Your dogs would be doing meet and greets with families hoping that it would be the right fit and they would often return to the kennel. The ups and downs of emotions were so intense as we built the bonds with these animals after cuddling with them all night.

In the end it was a successful event, you can read the results here. I'm most excited to announce that both of my friends Jack & Violet both have been adopted and with some tremendous families who will love them forever! Please remember when you're looking to add a new canine family member to adopt don't shop. And always try to support great organizations like the Meridian Canine Rescue as much as possible.

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