I used to get migraine headaches six or eight times a month and they were completely debilitating.  But they've vanished now, and I think it's because I made one simple lifestyle change.    

I changed the way I was eating.

I cut way back on sugar, cut out processed meats completely, and started limiting dairy, and the headaches went away.  It's not just migraines that vanished, but all headaches.  I had been plagued with one type of headache or another my entire life, but it's been six or seven years now and with maybe one or two headaches in an entire year.  If it's possible to outgrow headaches then maybe that's what happened.  But if growing up doesn't wipe them out, then it has to be due to the changes in my eating habits.

I still eat Greek yogurt and sometimes I'll finish off the cheese pizza in the fridge because I don't want it to go to waste, so there are occasions when I can't resist dairy and it works out okay.  Small amounts don't give me a headache.  And one cookie now and then, cereals with a little extra sugar don't seem to bother me.  As long as I limit the amounts and don't go overboard, the headaches stay away.

But even looking at bacon or ham will start that twinkly feeling behind my right eye, like a migraine is coming on.  Processed meats were a huge problem for me and triggered a migraine almost every time, so I avoid those completely now.

Anyone that's plagued by migraines knows how horrible they are, and how they can knock us out for six to eight hours or more.  We'll do anything to find a cure, and ultimately, we all have to find what works for us.

If you're looking to avoid expensive meds and put scary, frustrating headaches behind you, changing eating habits might be just the thing.


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