I'm the first to admit that I can be frugal with my money. But when it comes to a mattress, I have learned that you get what you pay for. In the past I have gone the cheap route and after a few months the bed isn't comfortable anymore. So, when looking for a new mattress recently I wanted something quality for a good price.

After stopping into DeMeyer Furniture in Meridian I was amazed, I ended up getting the very first mattress I laid down on. After walking through the door I met with Jeff and he had me laying down on a lot of different mattresses to make sure I got the one perfect for me.

The decision was finally made that a new Tempur-pedic with all sorts of new technology to make it amazing. But what I really loved beyond the comfort was the cooling technology. While we're getting through these summer months it can be so hot, and this mattress can help you stay cool throughout the night.

Our new mattress was delivered just days after it was picked out, thanks to the huge selection that DeMeyer keeps on hand at their store. With my alarm clock going off at 3:30 a.m. each morning it is tremendous to have a quality mattress that helps me get a good nights sleep.

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