To the families of those who lost someone dear in service to our nation, I want to share a heartfelt thank you.  I have not served and I'm grateful that your loved one did. 

Today is the day that honor and remember those who paid the ultimate price and protected our freedoms with their own lives.  They protected me, my son, my loved ones, and you, with their sacrifice.  It's a sobering thought.  The concept of standing in the line of fire to allow others to continue with their lives is nothing short of heroic.

I watched the National Memorial Service this morning at Arlington National Cemetery and was heartbroken to hear of the widow there with her child less than one year-old.  I was saddened for all those who lost loved ones this past year, and years prior.  If you ever have a chance to visit Arlington National, it's sobering.  So many lives lost, so many families impacted, and at the same time, such a noble and beautiful place.  I do not personally know anyone there, yet I feel very connected, by gratitude and respect.  By admiration.

So today, if you have lost someone in service to our country who was close to you, a heartfelt thank you from me, for their service, and for your sacrifice.

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