2020 has been an insane year, truly. A pandemic, civil unrest, wildfires, masks, Facebook. Everything is turned up a notch or 10 and tonight I had a glimpse of normalcy that I'd like to share with you.

We've been trying our best to eat at home lately. For safety reasons but also because we're trying to get in shape and we're trying to save some money for once in our lives. So we've done a pretty good job of it for a while but it's been a pretty busy week and my fiance got her first paycheck from her new job so she said dinner was on her and I was all for it.

Cool thing about her new job is she's in an office AT The Village. Like outside her window, you look down and see all the food options at The Village so we decided I'd meet her there and we'd go to Yardhouse.

On the way there, I pass Meridian high school and it was pretty cool to see the stadium lights on, fans in the crowd and kids on the field playing football. I guess I hope people were being smart and social distancing in the stands as best as they could but I'm not their parents, and I'm not on patrol so I keep it movin'. It was just cool to see.

Then I got to Yardhouse at The Village and they sat us on the patio where they had TV's playing the Houston/Kansas game. I was sitting their, drinking a Boise Hip Check IPA, looking up at the game and for a moment, I had a glimpse of normalcy right there in Meridian.

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