The lesson I've learned is that this thing effects everyone so much differently. Some just have a quick cough and it goes away, some end up on ventilators and some never display any symptoms at all.

My friend Omari, who I've known for like 13 years, is only 39 years old and unfortunately, got hit hard with Coronavirus. Initially I didn't want to post anything about his situation because it's not really my business, but now he's on the mend, and his story of a cough, some trouble breathing and then a coma has gone viral thanks to an article from the Las Vegas Review Journal, and I think people should see it to show how dangerous this thing can be, even for someone so young.

Omari has a 15 year old daughter and for some reason, that's the part that really effects me. His case got pretty scary:

The great news is that he's awake and able to Facetime with his family and friends but this is definitely a harsh reminder that just because we may be young, doesn't mean we don't have to pay attention to our bodies and the possible symptoms we may experience.

It suddenly becomes a lot more real when you find out someone you know has it, and it's not just an ongoing news story we're hearing about on TV. Sending love to Omari and his family, and everyone who's been dealing with this awful virus.

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