Undoubtedly, you've heard comments about Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, and the fact that he walked out on his post-game press conference yesterday.

I am including the video here in case you haven't seen it.  I'm also including my open letter to Cam Newton.

Dear Cam,

Congratulations on reaching "The Big Game" and the amazing season you and your teammates put together.  Your record was truly remarkable and you all deserve a ton of respect for all you accomplished.  You are a gifted athlete and deserved recognition for what you accomplished.

I'm sure you've heard many us have been reacting and debating your press conference behavior (your apparent disinterest, one word answers, and eventually walking out) from last night.

I get that it must be incredibly difficult to answer questions after a defeat, especially when you didn't play at the level you typically have or wanted to. I also understand the thought that a press conference with the losing QB is difficult and perhaps unnecessary in general. That's a fair conversation.

However, for now, it's part of the job.

It's also something many players have navigated with grace and humility. It's something I have found impressive about Russell Wilson (even when frustrated with his own play). He owns his part and faces the questions.

Cam, it wasn't just the press conference last night for me.  In fact, I know there are many of us who felt turned off by your demeanor throughout the season.  That, in addition to the pre-game press you did, the idea that you are doing something "never done before" (which I don't feel is true), and you not diving for the ball in the last fumble set up a tone in the game that seemed to match the feelings built over the season.  In addition, you certainly had no problem using the media to trash talk and enjoyed being in the spotlight...until you didn't.

Walking out on a press conference is definitely not the most important issue in the world, but as the father of a 7 year-old that struggles with attitude and sportsmanship when he plays, I hope for opportunities to demonstrate that you play your best but don't "take your ball and go home" if it doesn't land where you like.

That was the thing that was so apparent. You seemed fine with the spotlight until it didn't go your way.

I have no doubt you will be back to "The Big Game," and I hope this moment isn't repeated and that you continue to grow and mature in what you bring off the field.  It would be hard for anyone in their right mind not to cheer for you if that was the case.


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