Grilling is central to living a happy life I say, especially this time of year.  It's a lifestyle.I lost the Big Green Egg and a great backyard grill in the split with my spouse two years ago, and I still haven't quite recovered.  There's nothing better on a Saturday than starting the charcoal early in the morning and letting a big slab of brisket or ribs go all day long.  I need to get a guy that knows how to light a grill quick!

My dad is a master griller, and usually goes with the John Henry Pecan Rub for ribs.  I love that dry rubs are easy.  Just rub it on and slap the rack on the grill. Then drink a beer guys, and act like you're watching the meat, but also understand that women know you don't need to be sittin' out there the whole time.  We'll be out shoe shopping in case you come in for a refill and wonder where we went.

I ran across another rib recipe as I was Googling and thought I'd share.  You can throw together your own dry run with this one, and then enjoy the smell for about six hours. Click HERE for it.  The author says it works well for pork or beef ribs.  Yum.

If you're going to marinate steaks or brisket, do you use Coke?  Dr. Pepper?  Beer? Those are popular.  I used to throw in some Worcestershire sauce and Liquid Smoke with spices too.  The cool thing about grilling, is we can do whatever feels right, and keep experimenting until we love the results.

By the weekend we'll be in the mid to upper 80s.  Any favorite recipes?  Happy grilling!

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