Anyone who lives in Idaho knows it's not a date on the calendar that marks the start of summer. If you ask Siri or Google when the start of summer is this year, June 20th is the answer. But I trust Idahoans to know what really makes it summer here, so naturally I took to Facebook to ask: Tell me it's summer in Idaho without telling me it's summer in Idaho. And the responses did not disappoint.

Floating the river
Might be obvious, but it really is a turning point. There were weeks that already seemed perfect to hop on a floatie and get in the water, but float season officially started earlier this week, so now we know there's no turning back!

I suppose there's roadwork year round, but there surely seem to be more orange barrels out than ever. In my neighborhood alone there are four traffic projects underway. Facebook user Kylee Burk joked, "Every other road is closed for construction. Detours have detours." Except for it wasn't a joke. And I literally took a detour off a detour this morning.

Being confused about dinner time because of the daylight
I laughed hard when I saw how many people are living this struggle like I am. It's so light out well after 9pm and then I realize I haven't put any food on the table. I think we all have gone through Michelle Neifert's situation, "Deciding it's time to start making dinner before it gets dark, then realizing it's already 9:30 pm."

Cottonwood floating in the air
Floating in the air, lining The Greenbelt, gathered around my fence, along the street, covering the yard, and ending up in my hair. This stuff is everywhere. My 4 year old calls it "the little fuzzies." I'm just thankful I'm not allergic. Others like Rebecca Pelton Smith aren't as lucky. "achoo! We are on our 3rd bottle of Costco benadryl at our house. Going to Google benadryl overdose right now." But that's summer in Idaho!

Erratic temperatures
We can all agree it's hot. We've creeped up into the triple digits at least once. But Mother Nature keeps Idaho on its toes throwing in a rain storm or wild wind in with the scorching temperatures. A 102 degree day the first Thursday of June was bombarded with strong winds and smattered showers because of course it was.

The cyclists are everywhere
I feel like I don't know anyone who owns a bicycle, but I see tens and tens of people riding them every day. The Greenbelt, the park, residential neighborhoods, downtown--people are riding through on their bikes. It makes me want a bike. Maybe one with streamers?

Kids are bouncing on trampolines
I see adults on trampolines too, actually. I drive past no less than 17 trampolines on my way home from work. I know because I've counted and I think Meridian might have the most trampolines per capita. But it's awesome to see all the kiddos and their parents bobbing up into view over their backyard fences as I drive home. And I'm part of that crowd. Drive past a certain neighborhood on Black Cat and you might see my tiny head coming up over the fence.

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