Summer Fun with Your Little One Gone Wrong

It's a beautiful, 98 degree summer afternoon in Boise. You pick up your three-year-old from daycare on your ride home from work, and now the two of you are ready for summer fun in your back yard.

You take all the precautions any responsible parent would.

  • Sunscreen? Check.
  • Towels? Check.
  • Ice-cold water bottles? Check.
  • Water toys and kiddie pool? Check-check.
  • Snacks? Checkity-check-check-check!

The Most Unsuspecting Threat in Your Yard

As you reach for the kiddie pool, you and your bitty are about to kick off a splash-tastic time! But before you realize what's happening, mommy's big helper reaches for the hose. She sprays herself in the face, soliciting a blood-curdling scream. Your three-year-old just scalded herself with hot water from your garden hose.

How Did This Happen?

While the situation above was an example of what could happen, according to Las Vegas emergency officials, the baby in the featured image above was scalded by water from a garden hose that reached temps of 130 to 140 degrees in 2016.


How to Avoid Hot Water Burns

To keep your children and pets safe this summer, The Weather Network warns against homeowners leaving their hose outside during the summer months. Instead, opt to store it in a temperature-controlled garage or mud room.

Additionally, Life Saver Pool Fence advises that you drain your hose after each use and run it for a few minutes before the next. Both will help you and your children avoid excruciating hot water burns this summer.

Not all knowledge is common. Share this article with your friends & family to help keep them burn-free this summer!

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