This is another great day of giving and another wonderful event. To witness this was a humbling and thoughtful moment.

7 Cares Idaho Shares is an event that is put on mainly by 7KTVB but is helped by a lot of people. The folks from the TV station work tirelessly to help each location be as successful as possible. 10 local charities benefit from this day drive. It's one day and dozens of locations. Albertsons and Fred Meyers are the two locations that are used on 7 Cares.

I was out there for Mix and had Maggie and Doug the morning crew for KTVB and they were talking about over the 11 years of this holiday fundraiser that it never ceases to amaze them about the goodness in people's hearts. We had one $10,000 anonymous donation and then a family of 7 stopped by and donated $5,000 AND then come to find later on they were the same family that gave free gas to single mothers. Wow... the people in this area are amazing and kind. As I always say "kind people are my kind of people".

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