More and more states are decriminalizing or even legalizing pot, in Idaho 68-year old men are being arrested for it. And looking at most comments online citizens in Idaho think there are more important criminals that law enforcement should be going after.

Our friends at KTVB, let us know about Gerald Uehlin being charged with trafficking marijuana earlier this week. The Boise County Sheriff's Office served a search warrant on his property in the Clear Creek area. Pot plants were seized by officers at the same time as the arrest.

Boise County officials never specified how many plants were seized but under the code section of Idaho statue it's probably between 25 and 50 plants.

Uehlin already had his first court appearance where he was released from custody on his own recognizance and will have to go back to court on September 30th.

While I understand Uehlin was breaking the law, I was shocked that this small of an operation was still on law enforcement's radar. Do you think it's time to decriminalize or legalize marijuana in Idaho?

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