With the recent addition of scooters all around Boise or how easy it is to use Uber or Lyft, not many people are talking about taking the bus anymore. But the ones that do ride the buses aren't going to like the news that fares to ride the bus are increasing.

According to KIVI, the decision was passed after unanimous approval by their board members to increase from $1.00 for a single-use adult rider, with the new price being $1.50. The price for other bus passes are also increasing, with some jumping up as much as 17%.

Although some riders are firing back at the transit company saying that if the fares are going to increase they expect the rides to be more consistently on time. As the Treasure Valley continues to see the population increase some buses are late more than 50% of the time.

The increase in fares are set to begin on October 1st.

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