Candy Corn is still one of the top Halloween candies in Idaho, and that's probably because there are so many good ways to eat it, besides plain.  Here are the 5 best ways to level-up your candy corn experience.  

We get so weird about food sometimes.  When I was a kid I would always nibble off the white triangle at the bottom, then bite off the orange part, and when I was done sucking on that and mashing it flat with my tongue, I would chew up the yellow part and start all over with the next white triangle.  Now that I'm an adult, I've realized there are even better ways to eat these little sugar bombs.

The thing that drives the haters nuts about candy corns might be that they're too darned sweet.  But if you mix them with something salty, it solves that problem.

5 Ways to Eat Candy Corn Besides Plain

1.  Mix them with nuts.  This is so good.  My cousin Teresa got me started on this, and once you try it there's no going back.  At any random family member's house at any piot in October, you'll probably find a bowl of candy corn mixed with peanuts on the counter, and that's there for grazing all day long.

2.  Add them to trail mix.  The sweet-salty theme applies here too.  Imagine candy corn taking the place of M&Ms in that standard nut-raisin-chocolate trail mix.  Or add candy corn to rice and corn Chex and pretzels.  The possibilities are endless.

3.  Add them to Rice Krispie bars.  This gets a little sweet, so you might add some peanuts or pretzel pieces again to balance it all out.

4.  Make Monster Munch.  This is a recipe I found on Delish that might cause you to spend an extra fifteen minutes on the treadmill the next day, but it would also most likely hit you in your happy place.  It's a mixture of kettle corn, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, pretzels, and M&Ms all smushed together to make a bar, and you can cut it as big as you want.

5.  Make Candy Corn Trio.  This was invented by my 9-year old daughter, Kallan because she has a major sweet tooth and I think it's because I drank hot chocolate the entire pregnancy.  But that's another blog for another day.  This always disappears in a hurry and you'll love it because it's so easy.  Just layer ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, add a layer of Cool Whip and sprinkle as many candy corns on top as you want and freeze it for three or four hours.  Slice it off into bars, and be impressed with how delicious and easy it is.

Candy corn is okay by itself, but it's better if it's part of a larger ensemble, kind of like one cute singer is sometimes better a boy band.  And it will all be at a bargain price November 1, so you can buy up a bunch and make this stuff all year long.

It's the official launch of weight gain season.  Woohoo!

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