A 4-year-old girl, her mother, and a Good Samaritan died in Utah after the little girl fell from a rock when she was playing and was swept away in the cold, fast-moving river. Several people jumped in to help her, but the conditions were just too much. Over a hundred people, including volunteers, searched the river.

Officials said the river temperature was 45 degrees and it was moving about 4 to 7 mph...a very dangerous combination.

These conditions are just too dangerous and officials are encouraging people to be safe and use caution around waterways as temperatures heat up. It's going to start getting hot, and with the crazy winter around certain parts of the country, including the Treasure Valley, people may tend to not think about the dangers. But, they are still very much there and something we need to remember.

As always, if your children will be around bodies of water, put them in a life jacket! For under $20, you can snag a great option like THIS. It doesn't help with fast or raging waters, and obviously the cold conditions, but it can save a life!

See the full, heartbreaking story HERE.




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