Well, it looks like Pizza might get a little more expensive in 2020. Isn't PIZZA the one thing that everyone can agree on? Here's why...

Apparently PORK processors have a shortage of employees due to the pandemic and the chain reaction effect from that is a lack of pepperoni! But that's only one part of it. In addition to that, more people are staying home and ordering pizzas since the pandemic so these two things combined, have created quite an issue.

Though it makes sense. Simple supply and demand. Less Pepperoni + more people eating pizza, and we've got our next shortage of 2020. However, if you're not a pepperoni person, you might be in the clear! I like ricotta cheese, chicken and garlic on my pizza, maybe that's weird, I'm not sure but that's what I vibe with.

Here in the Treasure Valley, we have some great options when it comes to locally owned spots. You can hit up Smoky Mountain Pizza, Idaho Pizza Company, Flying Pie Pizzaria and more!

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