A pizza connoisseur from New York City set out to determine the best pizza from each state; His credentials simply being that he’s a native New Yorker with tons of experience eating pizza all across the country. 

With that being said, the best pizza here in Idaho may or may not come as a surprise to you. According to this New York foodie, Casanova Pizzeria here in Boise is home to Idaho’s best pizza!

Casanova first came to Boise in 2004 and instantly became a local hit. However the shop ended up closing for quite some time before just recently re-opening in the midst of the pandemic in the west end of downtown Boise.

Unlike most other businesses, the pizzeria business actually benefited from the pandemic. The New York Times reports that sales by independent pizzerias, and local mom and pop pizza shops overall were up in 2020. Think about it, pizza is a meal accessible for most people and has been offering delivery services for many basically ever already. Perhaps this pizza “boom” presented an opportunity for Casanova Pizzeria to make it’s return to the Treasure Valley.

What makes Casanova the best according to this New Yorker is the real deal Napoletana pizza on the menu that’s made with fresh mozzarella and anchovies. 

I personally hate pitting pizzas up against each other. I believe each pizza is delicious in it's own unique way. I did love what this fellow pizza lover had to say in his original post on Food and Wine, that pizza is personal and is often nostalgic. “It's about how pizza makes us feel, about what is familiar and grounding when we eat it" which is why it may be hard to ever say what the best pizza is.

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