Day 3 of the 12 Days of ChristMix Toy Drive has come to a close and what a day it was! Moug has recapped the day for you here. But you might be wondering what I, Angie, am doing while Moug is stationed in the parking lot of The Village at Meridian during this incredible event collecting toys, bikes, and cash and gift cards for kids and teens in the Treasure Valley. I'm right there in the midst of the action!

For one, I'm not gonna leave my boy hangin'. Living in a truck for 12 days and broadcasting atop a scissor lift can be lonely. Gotta keep him company. I am his other (radio) half after all. But I also wasn't going to sit around doing nothing. There's work to be done!

You can catch me collecting donations, sorting toys in the truck, making the lunch run, and (the best part) connecting with as many of the amazing people of the Treasure Valley who come down to donate and volunteer as I can. None of this is possible without this generous community's dedication to helping those in need. Any time I am able to be here, I am. And I'm pretty sure I suffer from clinical FOMO, so I try not to ever leave.

Moug and I are honored to start what is hopefully a yearly tradition here in the Treasure Valley with the 12 Days of ChristMIX Toy Drive. It is near and dear to my heart to help make sure no kid goes without for Christmas. I'll be damned if I'm not doing my part to make it happen. So swing by to donate, say hi. I can't wait to meet you and hear your stories of what inspires you to give back. -Angie

"All equipment for Mix 106 12 Days of ChristMIX generously donated by Pacific North Contractors , with support from Giltner Transportation, Inc. , and Valley Wide Cooperative." 


Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park


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