Your chance to win has all to do with heat! You know it's hot outside but we are going to try to make things a little better. If the temp outside reaches 106 degrees ( according to our automated MIX 106 temp gauge) then you can win $106.

Keep an eye on the temp and remember 208-376-5106. You will hear us give you the temp throughout the day too so download the MIX 106 radio app and listen when you can. As I look at the weeks weather Friday looks the hottest and the most likely to hit that temp this week. Although the hottest temp ever recorded here was July 28 1934 when the temperature hit 111.2°F. 106 is very hot and for many reasons we hope it doesn't get that hot but for you to win some cash, it could be worth it.

It's been hot out and a lot of people are floating and enjoying the summer. You can find lots of warm summer fun on our Instagram.

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