We're starting week two of kids being home from school at my house and the West Ada School District has announced the soonest kids will be going back to school is April 3rd. Here's some ideas if you have bored kids at home. 

1. Participate in #chalkthewalk

Get the kids outside with some sidewalk chalk and decorate the sidewalk in front of your house with positive messages, words of encouragement, and beautiful drawings. Encourage them to take their time and make it as beautiful as possible.

2. Use the "Super Nanny" tactic of "get them busy with a project and leave."

I had to do some work from home today so I got my kids busy with a puzzle and then told them they had to work on it while I finished my work. They aren't allowed to interrupt me unless it's an emergency and when I give them a project, they aren't wandering around the house bored.

3. Take the "From the Couch to a 5K" challenge.

I you are out of shape, this is a great program that both you and your kids should be able to handle. You increase the amount of minutes between running and walking each day/week until you work up to being able to do a 5k. It will get you outside, you can bond with the kids, and accomplish something great.

4. Hold a family friendly competition.

We have held our own "Olympic Games" or you could try a spelling bee. Anything competitive works and you can come up with a simple little prize (like an extra snack) to give the winner if you want.

5. Challenge yourselves to go for a walk or a hike every day.

Hiking trails around town are packed right now, so it may be a bit hard to practice social-distancing, but try to pick spots you've never been before. If you find it's not crowded, get out and explore our beautiful area.

6. Go on a picnic.

There is something magical about packing lunch up in a basket, finding a secluded area and enjoy a meal together. It will take up more time than just feeding your kids at the table. Let them be involved in packing the picnic basket. If you decide not to travel, this is something you can do right in your own back yard!

7. Let your kids give you a make-over.

Since you probably aren't leaving the house as often, let them have fun doing your make-up and styling your hair. It will probably end up a disaster, but you'll feel a little pampered while they are doing it!

8. Play Kahoot! 

My sister recently introduced me to this online trivia game and we had so much fun battling each other.

9. Have a movie marathon or a read-a-thon.

Pic a category like classic Disney movies or Star Wars. (If you have Disney + or other subscription channels it makes this pretty easy.) Set up the room like a theater, pop popcorn and eat treats! With a read-a-thon, set a goal of how long or how many pages they will read. Let them wear their pajamas, get out their pillows and blankets, and eat snacks while they read.

10. Throw a dance party

Whenever we get antsy around the house, we like to throw a dance party. My kids love it when I put on music from when I was growing up and when I show them dance moves from the 80's and 90's!

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