Boise city leaders announced they will be building a 2,000 foot long flood barrier at Zoo Boise to protect the animals from the hot weather and possible flooding.

They’re building a 2,000-foot-long flood barrier. KIVI-TV Channel 6 reported that the construction of the flood barrier will force the closure of Julia Davis Drive between the bandshell and tennis courts. Friendship Bridge, the pedestrian bridge between Boise State University and Julia Davis Park, will remain open to through-traffic for pedestrians and bike traffic. However, the Greenbelt through the park and the entire city remains closed due to the high water and safety concerns.

They’re also working to relocate more than 200 animals, if necessary. It’s tough though, because obviously, the expense and stress for the animals.

The estimated cost of evacuating all the animals would be well over $500,000. The flood barrier is expected to cost $130,000. Most of the cost is covered by grant funds from the Ada County Emergency Management.

Installation is expected to take up to two days and the barrier will remain in place until the zoo is no longer threatened by high water.


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