Waking up this morning I had no idea that I was going to try a new food combination that would change the way I look at pancakes from now on. While I understand that might sound a little dramatic it's probably because you haven't tried the Jalapeno Berry Pancakes from Moe Joe's Breakfast Eatery in Meridian.

Sunday morning we decided to go out to breakfast before beginning our normal weekend chores. And since we had to stop by The Village at Meridian we decided to try something close by. I had heard great things about Moe Joe's and I knew it was all true as soon as I walked through the door.

First they offer hot coffee for any guests waiting for a table which was a nice touch. While waiting (a very short wait) I noticed all of the delicious food being brought out and all of the plates were stacked high. I'm positive that no one leaves Moe Joe's hungry.

I knew their Jalapeno Berry pancakes were a very popular item so I had to try them for myself and they absolutely did not disappoint. They do come with cream cheese stuffed in them so it can become a little sweet but still amazing. I had never tried jalapenos with my pancakes before but the combination was tremendous, it makes perfect sense as to why so many people rave about those pancakes.

Everything was fantastic from the service, the food, and their fresh squeezed orange juice was stellar. Moe Joe's was a great spot to start the day and I can guarantee I will be back to try even more deliciousness off their menu.

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