According to new research on Teen pregnancy...apparently the MTV shows..... "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant"...... instead of promoting teenage sex and teen pregnancy, have instead actually caused teen pregnancy and teen birth rate to fall in America.  WHAT?.....who knew?

It's crazy to think that a TV show could actually change someones behavior or how they do something....but I remember as a kid watching re-runs of "Leave it To Beaver" and seeing Wally talking to the Beav, explaining to him that if you're walking with a girl, to protect her from getting hit by a car, you always walk on the outside closest to the street...that way the car hits you and not the girl.....That is something that I remember to this TV has also taught me something.

What about you? Have you ever learned something new or changed the way you do something just because of a TV show?   Post below!


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