Would you ever tattoo your child's picture on the side of your face?  This guy did.

Christian Sechrist posted the tattoo work on his Facebook page and it cause so many people to start talking that even the NY Daily News got ahold of the story and posted some of the chatter yesterday.

The Metro in the UK noticed it too, and they tell us that Sechrist is from Houston, Texas.

One person who commented on the face tattoo wondered aloud in a not-so-nice way how Sechrist would get a job to support his son with the sizable portrait on his face.

One thing that seems certain; his son will grow up someday, and Sechrist will be left with a giant tattoo of a baby on his face.

Do we think this is real or fake?  It's not his first face/head tattoo.  There are others on the flip side too.  He couldn't cover this one if he wanted to, because facial hair doesn't usually grow over all of that space.  Hmm.  It sure is big.  And he says it's "awesome."

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