Who wouldn't want to camp with ghosts?

Nestled in the deep, dark, and secluded woods, you're far from home and the comforts of civilization, but you're not alone. You're camping in the most haunted forest in Idaho, rife with wandering, desperate spirits. Some may be friends, but the hair on the back of your neck tells you most are foes.

What could be more thrilling than spending a night in Mother Nature's paranormal playground of terror?

It's not your imagination.

According to locals who've done it, those disembodied voices, footsteps, crunching leaves, and the eerie laughter of spirits hiding in the shadows aren't your imagination. They're real. People genuinely believe that the rich and storied history of a forest touched by tragedy is a magnet for forgotten souls. For reasons many of us can't understand, they're also a magnet for those seeking a dalliance with the other side.

Are you ready to stay the night in Idaho's most haunted forest?

If the idea that the ghost stories you tell around the campfire might come true and excite you, this Idaho haunted forest might be your perfect one-night stand.

So grab a flashlight, your camping gear, and all the nerve you can muster. You'll need to if you challenge Idaho's eeriest woods overnight.

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