Boise loves eating local.

Locally-owned restaurants in Boise's Treasure Valley are our secret sauce! They're what helps us stand out from cities around the country. Whether it's a beloved local breakfast diner like Goldy's or authentic Italian cuisine from Luigi's, our mom-and-pop eateries reflect the personality of their owners and diners alike.

Supporting Boise local business supports our farmers & suppliers.

Supporting local businesses is more than a lifestyle choice. It's a responsibility we owe our community. Eating and shopping locally means investing directly in our region's economy and well-being.

It feels great to know that our money could be supporting a neighbor's kids' soccer team or a local chef's culinary school fund for their apprentice, not a CEO elsewhere in the country. Not only that, but the economic boost helps create jobs and an atmosphere where local businesses can thrive and grow.

Let's not forget that locally-owned restaurants often rely on meats, produce, and supplies from Gem State farms and producers. In turn, our food is fresher and tastier and supports Idaho's agricultural sector. It's a delicious cycle of local goodness.

Boise restaurants are more than places to grab a bite.

They're cultural hubs! They host live local bands, display local artists, and sometimes they even serve as venues for community events. We help sustain a beautiful, diverse, and delicious local culture when we support them. And what's better than that? See for yourself how the five Boise pizza places in the gallery below are worth your time and taste buds!

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🍕 The 5 Best Locally-Owned Pizza Places in Boise

BOISE, Idaho. If you're a locavore with an insatiable appetite for pizza, howdy! We've highlighted the five best locally-owned and operated Italian pie joints in and around Boise for your dining pleasure!

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4 Boise Restaurants A-List Celebrities Love Eating At

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9 Restaurants Boise Parents With Picky Eaters & Crazy Kids Love

When you're one meltdown away from cooking another dinner your feral children decline, head out to one of these Boise restaurants.

No matter where you end up, rest assured that the food will be great and not overpriced, the kids will have fun, and you'll be off the hook for kitchen clean-up.

In the parenting world, we call that a win.

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Downtown Boise's Perfect Patio Crawl for Outdoor Dining

Ask almost any Idahoan, and they'll agree life is better lived outdoors. When it comes to dining alfresco, it's no different! Scroll on for a top seven list of outdoor dining venues that make for the perfect Downtown Boise patio crawl!

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When & Where Idaho Kids Can Eat For FREE This Summer

Thanks to West Ada School District, here is where and when parents can take kids to eat for free this summer.

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