Desires & Fears

Discovering the Fountain of Youth taps our deepest desires and fears. A magical elixir that can preserve your youth, health, and beauty for all eternity in the face of growing old and sick—who would turn that down?

The Fountain of Youth is not just a concept, it's a dreamer's ultimate fantasy. And if you live in Idaho, legend holds it's actually within your reach.

It represents the yearning to hold onto vitality, energy, and zest for life that often wanes with age. Those magical waters are more than a symbol of hope and endless possibilities, they're a lifeline to a future of perpetual exploration, education, and enlightenment.

We're only human.

At its core, the pursuit of the Fountain of Youth is a reflection of our very human fear of mortality and the unknown. The desire to remain forever young is a way to avoid confronting the existential anxieties that lurk in the depths of our minds. It's a wish for more time to experience life's joys, to right our wrongs, and to heal our regrets.

Again, who wouldn't opt for that fate?

Eternal Life: the ultimate "what-if"

For some, the unspoken desire to live for as long as possible while looking and feeling their best is too much to bear. It makes the idea of their demise all the more bleak and dreadful.

The Fountain of Youth has been the ultimate "what if" that stoked our imaginations for thousands of years. Some have said a doctor's study of medicine is the modern-day equivalent of the search for immortality.

That's why we were beyond curious to learn Idaho has what could be its fountain of youth in the gallery below. And if you happen to live in Boise, it's only an eight-hour drive away.

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  • A look at Idaho's very own fountain of youth

  • 5 stunning places in Idaho that look like another world

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  • Behind the scenes at Idaho's most charming bed & breakfast

  • 6 insanely beautiful natural wonders are a stone's throw from Boise

Idaho Has Its Very Own Fountain of Youth

The search for the fountain of youth and stories about it and the many who have looked for it may all lead to Idaho. 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

5 Stunning Places in Idaho that Look Like Another World

Check out some of the most unique, beautiful, awe inspiring landscapes and places that look like they are in another world entirely. 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

Explore Idaho's Most Charming Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast stays are a great way to have a more unique and memorable experience while traveling or staycationing. The gorgeous Fillmore Inn in Twin Falls Idaho was voted the most charming in the state according to 

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

6 Insanely Beautiful Natural Wonders Are A Stone's Throw From Boise

While each of Idaho's 27 state parks offers something spectacular for visitors to see and do, only Thousand Springs State Park offers six stunning natural wonders a stone's throw away from one another.

Hidden in Idaho's beautiful Magic Valley is an oasis of affordable adventure with an entrance fee of just $7 per car, per night, and it's even cheaper for Idaho State Park Passport holders

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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  • 18 stunning national parks to add to your Idaho summer bucket list

  • A look at the WWII bomber that fell out of the sky & landed in Idaho

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  • This 100-year-old Magnolia-like Idaho home is prettier than ever

  • The most beautiful skyride in the PNW is a day-trip away from Boise

18 Beautiful Idaho National Parks for Your Summer Bucket List

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

This World War II Bomber Fell Out of the Sky & Crashed in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Magnolia-Like Nampa Home Over 100-Years-Old More Beautiful Than Ever

Built in 1910, this southern belle is nestled in the Historical District of Nampa. Our team was pleasantly surprised at how well the home has been preserved and remodeled. Apart from a few niche features, you would never know this gorgeous residence was well over 100-years-old.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

Spokane's Insanely Beautiful Numerica SkyRide

The Numerica Skyride sends you soaring through the sky above an incredible waterfall from the comfort of a six-person cabin.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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